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My Size Order Guide

Kimono/Yukata My Size Order Guide

・Please copy and fill in the following information and enter it in the "Order Notes" section of your shopping cart when placing your order.
・If you have specific measurements for your kimono, please enter them.

  • Height cm
  • Bust cm
  • Hips cm
  • Waist cm
  • Weight kg
  • Sleeve length cm (with arm at a 45 degree angle, from base of neck to shoulder to wrist bone)
  • Carryover cm (Collar width: normal 3cm (8 minutes), deep 5.7cm (1.5 minutes))
  • Sleeve length cm (length of sleeve: e.g. normal 49cm (1 shaku 3 sun), long 53cm (1 shaku 4 sun))
  • Collar type (Bat collar or wide collar)

    For sizes other than those listed above, we will calculate the size based on the measurements you provide.

How to measure sleeve length