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vol.1 Kondaya Genbei

  • KAPUKI ARTSvol.1 Hondaya Genbei
  • Date: July 11th (Sun) and August 17th (Tue), 2021 Closed on Wednesdays休
  • Time: 11:00-18:000

vol.1 Hondaya Genbei will be held as the first part of KAPUKI ARTS, KAPUKI's POP-UP art curation, which will start from the renewal opening on July 11, 2021.催します。

Founded in Muromachi, Kyoto, Kondaya Genbei has over 280 years of history as one of the best obi craftsmen in Japan.The works created with the spirit of innovation along with the techniques passed down from generation to generation go beyond the framework of traditional crafts and speak to us about their spirit and pride. The charm of Kondaya Genbei's obi is the unwavering confidence that comes from the material, texture, and design of the work. At KAPUKI ARTS, we have created new works from the immeasurable curiosity of Mr. Genbei Yamaguchi, the 10th generation owner of Kondaya. We have curated 3 obis including obi We will exhibit and sell precious obis that are rarely taken out of Muromachi, Kyotoほとんどない、貴重な帯を展示販売いたします。

Click here for the Hondaya Genbei Collection

  • Genbei Yamaguchi, the 10th generationYamaguchi Genbei
Born in Muromachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City。
While hospitalized in the tuberculosis ward, she became a lover of reading.に。
Trained in Osaka Semba and Niigata Tokamachi修業。
Inspired by the dung sweeping clothes at the Shosoin exhibition, he started creating obis. Traveled from Tohoku to Okinawa in search of primitive cloth.まで訪ねる。
After the death of his father, he assumed the name of Hondaya Genbei the 10th in the following year. In order to pay off his father's debts, he got up at 4:00 in the morning and ran a business all over Japan.て歩く。
After holding a solo exhibition using primitive fabrics, wild silk threads from Southeast Asia are used for the obi.いる。
Made a kimono after the ban on ancient Koishimaru cocoons raised only at the Momijiyama Imperial Cocoon in the Imperial Palace was lifted. Held the Koishimaru Kaguyako cocoon exhibition at the Sogetsu Kaikan in Akasaka, Tokyo. Received the Nikkei Excellence Award.展」開催。日経優秀賞受賞。
Received the Japan Cultural Design Award Announcing an obi made of golden silk maharajah silk wild silk Began producing costumes for the avant-garde dancer Min Tanaka衣装制作開始。
Somuko Kochaya opens at Sanjo Hondaya開店。
Participated in the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival for the first time at the Daimaru Museum in Tokyo.に初参加。
Created men's kimono with the theme of Azuchi-Momoyama culture in collaboration with UNITED ARROWS.」を発表。
Worked on costumes for Ibito, a movie starring Min Tanaka衣」を制作。
year 2012
Appeared in NHK BS Takeshi's art beat band as an image character for TOYOTA 86キャラクターに。
Participated in the Niihama Taiko Festival for the first time。
The artist Fuyuko Matsui's painting is expressed in an obi.March 7th Announced at Ato's night party at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo On April 4th, Fuyuko Oarashi's evening party will be held at Hondaya headquarters in Muromachi, Kyoto.Scheduled to be open to the public on the 58th.開催、同5~8日、一般公開予定。