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  • KAPUKI ARTS vol.4
    Nishioka Pencil
  • Date June 3 (Friday) - July 3 (Sunday), 2022
  • Hours Weekdays 12:00-18:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-18:00
  • Regular holiday Wednesday, Thursday

The first time I made contact with Mr. Nishioka was when he was shooting a campaign visual for a movie theater. The bizarre visual was completed at the request of Mr. Nishioka, who belonged to Dentsu as the top art director at the time. After that, we decided to work as a team to create campaign visuals for airlines, shopping centers, etc. All the visuals were genderless and expressed a “fantasy x poison” that only Mr. Nishioka could imagine. And the patterns that appeared in the graphic work from time to time were excellent and made me feel something Japanese, and it felt good to see it through my eyes. Later I learned that Mr. Nishioka's grandfather was a Kyo-Yuzen dyeing artist, and that he spent his childhood beside his father, a dyeing craftsman. It is speculated that Nishioka's "awareness" of patterns began to form around that time, leading to his current expression.

2013 KAPUKI's predecessor kimono brand "Elly&Oby" debuts at Shinjuku Isetan. I, who worked as the creative director, nominated Mr. Nishioka as the kimono pattern artist. The bold and delicate design, which can be said to be a rule-breaker, was a perfection that I could not believe that I was involved in kimono for the first time. Since then, many kimono and obi patterns have been created for KAPUKI.

At KAPUKI ARTS vol.4, Nishioka will hold a solo exhibition at Gallery AL (Ebisu, Tokyo) titled "Grateful ~Hana or Skull~" (June 3rd to June 13th). Line up new products.
Please enjoy Nishioka's world, including new furisode and obi sashes commissioned by Kyoto Hondaya Genbei, hand-printed graphic T-shirts, hand-painted fans, graphic panels, scarves, and tights.

Mitsuaki Koshizuka
KAPUKICreative Director, Photographer
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  • Nishioka Pencil Art Director/Designer

Art director/designer. Representative of Nishioka Pencil. Born in Kyoto City. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, majoring in visual design. I work in various fields from corporate advertising and campaigns, branding, logo design to textile design. With his grandfather who was a bird's-eye view artist and his roots in a Kyoto Yuzen Tsukamiya family, he has been using the stimulation and knowledge he receives from the beauty of Japanese style as something that leads to graphic design and art. Rather than just seeing patterns as mere patterns and decorations, he creates unique patterns that serve as an excellent art platform that can project complex meanings according to the times and places. In 2014, he held two “New Patterns” exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo, attracting a great deal of attention. His recent solo exhibition is "Characters and Patterns" ('19).