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vol.6 AOMI "FIND ME"

    vol.6 AOMI "FIND ME"
  • Place Nakameguro KAPUKI
  • Date: February 24 (Fri) - March 28 (Tue), 2023
  • Hours Weekdays 12:00-18:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-18:00
  • Regular holiday Wednesday, Thursday

A number of antiques from around the world that stylist AOMI has collected over the years. Among them, AOMI himself selected items that match the world view of KAPUKI.
Her technique as a stylist reconstructs the artistic nature of each item. The world view is unique, and you can physically experience it as a space that transcends time and space.
Whether you like antiques or not, please come visit us and feel the nostalgic and warm vibrations emanating from the many items layered on the spot.

Mitsuaki Koshizuka
KAPUKICreative Director, Photographer


All the products I have chosen for KAPUKI ARTS this time are "favorite things" that I have collected through many years of living abroad and working as a stylist. Children who have been together for a long time, children who have just met, etc. We have selected items that are unique and have a presence that match KAPUKI's taste.
Some of them are not perfect or lack a little bit, but I think that is also the taste of the children. And everything is one of a kind.

It seems that my parents had a big influence on me to collect such unique things. My mother ran a boutique (what we now call a select shop) when I was four years old, and my father worked in advertising (marketing planner) in the United States. Influenced by my parents, it has become my daily routine to visit various shops and look for unique items since I was a child.
When I spent my teenage years as a student in America and Europe, I encountered many things new and old, regardless of era or background. From among them, I think that the lifestyle of choosing only the things I like with my intuition and living surrounded by those things has formed the person I am today.

Instead of seeking and looking for things, things find me and I illuminate them. From there, I learn the history and story of the object, and then create a new story through myself. That is the meaning of the theme "FIND ME" this time.

When you realize it, the range of things you like expands, and you may be surprised at yourself.
In the past few years, when the global pandemic that started in 2020 forced movement restrictions both in Japan and overseas, the world has become aware of things such as "do not carry too much" and "get rid of things".
On the other hand, I have a lot of attractive things from all over the world. It is one of the pleasures to fantasize about traveling around the world while watching the children who have gathered from all over the world in the limited space of the house, and imagining that someday we will go to that place again. Now, through my experience as a stylist, brushing up things, people, places, etc. has become my life's purpose.
And when I received the offer from KAPUKI ARTS this time, the theme "FIND ME" that came to my mind immediately filled my head with excitement. I would be happy if everyone who came to see the exhibition "FIND ME" had a thrilling encounter.

  • AOMI

1973 Born in Tokyo
1988 Moved to the United States alone
1992 Graduated from The Williston Northampton School MA
majoring in photography
Spent 5 years in Paris, Germany.
1998 Returned to Japan after living abroad for 10 years.
When I moved to Japan and worked as an assistant for Takehide Shintsubo, I was approached as a stylist.
Since then, he has been working on styling that is not bound by genre, such as musicians, actresses, talents, stage performances, and advertisements.
2008 Established MIOA.
December 2022 Opened the shop MIOA for VALLEYLIVING in Shinjuku.