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2015 KAPUKI Original Yukata

The new yukata has been dyed one after another!

KAPUKI's yukata is a "Tokyo Honzome Yukata" using a technique called "Chusen". We are dyed by skilled craftsmen at a factory in downtown.

This method of dyeing, called chusen, involves placing a paper pattern on top of the fabric, applying anti-dye paste with a brush, removing the paper pattern, folding the fabric tightly so that it does not shift (great!), and then folding the paper pattern back over. Place it, paint it, remove it, fold it, put it back on, paint it, remove it, fold it, and repeat dozens of times. Dyes are poured onto the pasted fabric and sucked up from below with a vacuum pump to dye the fabric. From "pour" and "dye" to "chusen", yes. After that, excess glue and dyes are washed off using a machine. It's a machine, but it's pretty analog. It seems that this work was done in the river in the past. (Even at the Meguro River in front of KAPUKI!)
Then, dry the clean cloth while staring at the weather. The fabric that flutters in the wind is really nice. There are many more steps to explain in detail, but I tried to explain roughly. There is such a craftsman's skillful technique, and it is dyed ~.
Unfortunately, there are only a few yukata dyeing factories left in Tokyo. When I witnessed such a thing, I thought to myself, "I have to do something about this!!!" and wondered what I could do. ? ? It depends on what I'm thinking about.
First of all, it is to make a cool yukata with KAPUKI. And I would like everyone to wear it steadily!

By the way, the yukata dyed in the video has a pattern called "shuriken stripes" that I requested from the art director and designer Noritoshi Nishioka ( Nishioka Pencil ). The hand-drawn patterns are hand-carved by Ise Katagami craftsmen in Mie Prefecture, and then dyed onto yukata rolls at a dyeing factory in Tokyo. This year's KAPUKI original yukata is scheduled to be announced in 7 patterns with 2 to 3 color schemes each!

So, this was my very first blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your continued support.