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"Denim Kimono"

A new denim kimono sample has been completed.

This time, we used 9oz fabric for both men's and women's. The weave is softer than conventional materials, so it is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

KAPUKI's denim kimono is a collaboration item with " FUNDAMENTAL AGRYMENT LUXULY " (FDMTL). This brand has also exhibited frequently at overseas exhibitions, selected by Complex as " 10 Japanese brands to know now ", selected by SELECTISM as "12 most outstanding brands in NY Market Week", and selected by GQ magazine UK as " London Exhibition ". 27 products you should know about Jacket Requred ”, etc., and it is a very popular denim brand that is attracting a lot of attention from both inside and outside Japan!

With the cooperation of such a wonderful FDMTL, we are making denim kimonos that are particular about "used processing" that other denim kimonos do not have. This time, we asked them to express natural color fading, and finished it so that each customer can actually enjoy the change over time.

Denim kimono is already familiar in the kimono industry, but it is still not well known in general, and customers who come to our store consider it very rare.
Also, when I see the denim kimono on display, I often get questions such as, "This looks heavy...", "Isn't it stiff and difficult to move?" I'm sure it weighs a lot when you weigh it. However, since the kimono is tied with an obi, the only part that actually feels the weight is the part above the obi, so the shoulders are not so stiff. (← This is my personal opinion) Whether or not it's hard to move is a category of kimono, so you can't do a dash, but you can skateboard. (← I didn't do it)
More than that, denim kimono is easy to handle = comfortable. You have to worry about stains and stains on silk kimonos, but denim kimonos can be washed in a washing machine at home. In that sense, it's really easy to wear! As for storage, you can put it in the closet with your regular clothes, and there's no problem, because it's denim.
The coordination is also quite flexible, and you can wear sneakers, boots, and undergarments, even a T-shirt! I'll leave that to your personal taste, so I hope you enjoy wearing it as if you were wearing clothes. By the way, I wear zori sandals with a relatively orthodox undergarment and half-collar.

And from this time, there will be an original name tag!

This design is our Nishioka Pencil 's "Mirror Woman ~ Sharekobe style ~". The KAPUKI shop is also decorated with this original picture, and I love this picture♡
A furoshiki with the same design is also on sale at KAPUKI.

The product is scheduled to arrive in mid-April, but there are samples available, so please come visit KAPUKI!