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Introducing our new yukata!

KAPUKI's original yukata has been dyed.

This year, we have 7 new patterns and a wide variety of colors and materials!

"Yukata? Isn't it too early?"
If you want to wear a cool and stylish yukata, the best thing to do now is to find your favorite pattern from the cloth and tailor it according to your own measurements! What kind of belt should I wear with it? Geta? What about small items? When I think about it, summer will come in no time.
Besides, beginners have to practice dressing and tying an obi, so it's best to get ready for a yukata early! First of all, please come to the store to find out what kind of yukata suits you.
(I won't force you to buy it on the spot.)

We are waiting for you with many original yukatas.

The cherry blossoms in Nakameguro will start blooming this weekend, so please come and enjoy the cherry blossoms!