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band! band! band!

Following the new yukata, the original obi is finished!

This time, I made a belt with the works of two artists.

The work on the left is Fantasista Utamaro 's "Manga Camouflage"
If you look closely, you can see that it is a richly colored camouflage pattern designed with manga speech bubbles and onomatopoeic words such as "dodododododo" and "gyaa". I really wanted to match the yukata of "Guerrilla Heavy Rain" on the upper left with Utamaro's obi, so I asked for it.
"Guerrilla heavy rain" is "dodododododo" and "gyaa"! ! !
This summer is decided, yes.

The photo on the right is by Steven Harrington . He is a popular psychedelic pop artist based in LA.
In Japan, a special feature was organized on +81 last summer, and creative director Koshizuka saw it and liked his work. Yes, that's fine!" and happily accepted. She even said, "You can choose whatever color you like so that it matches your kimono!" You are as generous as the clear skies of California.

Coordination will be fun with the graphic belt! ! !