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2015 Yukata catalog “EDOMOTION”

This season's KAPUKI original yukata catalog has been completed!
The title is " EDOMOTION ".
If the culture and spirit of Edo continued uninterrupted...
We filmed such a world of imagination at ALL Nakameguro location.
The day started with a toast, and while replenishing alcohol at an acquaintance's shop, it was a fun photo shoot going around Nakameguro's famous spots!?

Model: Yoshiko Chris Webb (NLINE) / YiRan (energy) / RYU
Photography/cover design: Mitsuaki Koshizuka (KAPUKI / MORE VISION tokyo)
Styling: Reiko Koshizuka (KAPUKI)
Hair: TAKE (3rd / DADA CuBiC)
Makeup: MINA (io)
Dressing: Eriko Otake Accessory cooperation: Akane Charms
Yukata Design: Pencil Nishioka
HAMAKO (guerrilla heavy rain / hemp border)
Photography cooperation: J'ai faim Nakameguro / SIDEWALK STAND /Ofr.TOKYO / MOUNTAIN RESEARCH

♡ I can give you the catalog if you come to the store.

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