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Chic Edo Souvenir "Shin-Yoshiwara"

New hand towels have arrived from KAPUKI's popular " Shin-Yoshiwara "!

According to Yayoijo of Shin-Yoshiwara, ``People who are stylish both now and in the past are particular about the lining. When I look at the linings of old kimonos, I envy them for their extravagant attention to detail. It is difficult to make an original kimono, so how about enjoying the mood of a stylish husband with a Shin-Yoshiwara happi-shaped tenugui?When you turn over the happi coat, there is a pillow picture inside. I'm just looking forward to it.
The tenugui is folded into a happi coat shape, so you can unfold it and use it as a normal tenugui. ”

The shopkeeper Reiko glanced at the pillow picture (= shunga) inside, but it already has a "pop ❤︎" picture on it.
Even so, I was really surprised by the high degree of perfection of this tenugui! Assuming the time when it is folded, it is meticulously calculated where and which pattern will appear! Hats off to Miss Yayoi's sense. I hate that it has a nice design even when it is opened!
And one by one, Miss Yayoi is lovingly folded.

This is 1,800 yen (excluding tax).
Now on sale at KAPUKI! ! !