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EdoMotion's Kyomaru fan is ready

" EdoMotion " is the theme of KAPUKI's yukata for this season.
When thinking about yukata as a form of fashion that is not classic clothing, its origins are not the Meiji or Showa eras, but the Edo period. Yukata, which was originally used as a bathrobe after bathing, was established as a street fashion by townspeople.
That's what I'm thinking.

And to commemorate KAPUKI's Yukata Pop-up Shop "YUKATA EdoMotion", which will be held at LUCUA ELE (directly connected to Osaka Station) 4F Isetan Closet from July 1st, we made "EdoMotion Uchiwa"!
Kyomaru-shaped fans made in Kyoto are traditionally used as summer greetings by geisha and maiko in Kyoto's geisha quarters to their patrons.
KAPUKI chose this Kyomaru uchiwa out of all the other uchiwa, not only for its appearance, but above all for its generous and comfortable breeze. It cannot be compared with a common fan.

Limited to 100 pieces, they will be sold at LUCUA Ele Yukata Pop-up Shop “YUKATA EdoMotion” in Osaka and KAPUKI in Nakameguro. (¥2,500-)