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Autumn Kimono ~Part 1~

In October, the mornings and evenings are getting cooler and cooler.

Yes, it's autumn.

Reiko, the owner of the shop, has finally put on a juban, and there are many kimono-like coordinations with half-collars. However, I still wear cotton shrink and cotton linen unlined clothes. And still wearing zori with bare feet. I am aware that it is completely impossible in terms of kimono rules, but I am allowed to do various things as I please. Because "kimono = fashion", it's best to wear it as you like. Of course, I know the TPOs that should follow the rules, so this is just for casual wear.

By the way, KAPUKI has a strong (?) image of a yukata, but I tried styling an autumn kimono, so please take a look!

Black kimonos are rarely seen. When I started wearing kimono, I looked for a lot of things, but I really couldn't find it. There is a mourning dress or a black kimono... There are so many black clothes! So, I dyed the white fabric of Tsumugi plain black and made it into a single robe.
The gray that can be glimpsed from the base of the collar, the swing of the sleeves, and the back of the collar is the accent color. (Only the collar in the photo) I also put out a lot of white half-collars.
The monotone belt with a rhombic pattern is a Hakata-ori fukuro-obi ( Nishimura Textile ).
When paired with fairly tall zori sandals ( Kanda Kocho), the overall silhouette becomes slim and elongated.
Don't forget to wear tabi.

The obi connects the corners diagonally.
It's the same with taiko drums, but I'm not very good at tying a straight and beautiful obi...
It's nice to have a live feeling if it's a little crumbled.
This time, I asked Eriko Otake , a popular kimono dresser, to dress me, and it turned out quite nicely❤︎
It looks like the drum part "X". It's a pretty eye-catching design.

All of these items are available at KAPUKI.

Photo: Mitsuaki Koshizuka ( MOREVISION /KAPUKI)