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Autumn Kimono ~Part 2~

Following the first black kimono, this time we will introduce a pure white coordination!

If you look closely, you can see that it is a kimono with patterns of large and small hailstones woven in gray that is almost white. The obi, obi, obi, tabi, and sandals are all white, so the overall impression is white.

Generally speaking, what comes to mind when you think of white kimono is shiromuku for weddings or burial clothes for funerals.
When Kanzaburo passed away a few years ago, the white mourning dress that his wife wore also left an impression on me. This "white mourning dress" has the meaning of "I can't see my second husband = my husband is only you for the rest of my life." Hmmm, how cool! ! ! Yes, you can feel the "preparedness of a woman" in a white kimono. Reiko, the owner of the shop, wants to be such a straight-forward woman, yes.

Kimono / Nishimura Textile (Hakata Futsu)
Obi: Nishimura textile (monbukuro obi)
Obiage / Japanese accessories Sakura
Obidome / Akane Charms
Japanese sandals/KAPUKI original

All of these items are available at KAPUKI.

Photography: Mitsuaki Koshizuka (MOREVISION/KAPUKI)
Dressing: Eriko Otake