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Autumn Kimono ~No.3~

This time, I would like to introduce “Kiryu Shibori”.

This is a diaphragm, but it looks a bit like a snake pattern. The color is also a gradation of shades of indigo, and it has a very stylish atmosphere.
The obi that I put together is a one-of-a-kind Hakata Kenjo 8-sun obi.
Hakata Kenjo has an image of a geisha wearing a black crest, and I think it is a representative of stylish obi.
I often see Sankenjo and Gokenjo, but I personally love this Ippon Tokko❤︎
The Hakata obi that I used in the photo shoot belongs to Nishimura Textile, but this one-piece Tokko is currently sold out and we have received many inquiries from customers, so we are asking Nishimura Textile to make it for us! This is a white Tokko pattern on a black background, but other colors are also cool. Above all, the Hakata obi is light and easy to tighten, so it is very useful for everyday use.

The rear view has a fairly slanted corner this time as well.
I think I was a little overdressed...

All of these items are available at KAPUKI.

Photography: Mitsuaki Koshizuka (MOREVISION/KAPUKI)
Dressing: Eriko Otake