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Coordination of denim kimono

The other day, a pair of denim kimono coordination that I quickly uploaded to Instagram .

This is a KAPUKI original denim kimono . I can't wear it in the summer because it's really hot, but I have many opportunities to wear it in the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter, so it's very useful.
As I wrote on my blog before, my coordination is (or is intended to be) orthodox.
Even with a hat and boots, denim kimono gives you a lot of freedom, so you can enjoy styling it in various ways.
If you wear this denim kimono normally, you can see the ohashori properly. I think everyone has their own preferences as to whether or not they have ohashori, but I'm pretty much the type who doesn't mind it. Considering the atmosphere of the kimono and the overall balance, why not hide it in the obi?
It also has the effect of making your legs look longer, so is it just your imagination?
The combined obi is roughly Yuki's 8 inch. It goes well with denim, but if you make a mistake, it will look unfashionable, so I paired it with brightly colored zori sandals. It's tall, so it's not too casual. fault? This coordination might be the same as the “denim x high heels” that you often do with clothes! Let's enjoy kimono with the same sense as clothes ❤︎

So here is the coordination 👇

This is a KAPUKI bespoke Sladkey fur shawl. The combination of denim and fur is an iron plate, isn't it ~. It is good because it can be used with both kimono and clothes ❤︎

So, next time I will write a blog about Sladkey's "Actress Coat"!
Please stay tuned! ! !