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SLADKY Actress Court Fair to be held!

SLADKY's "actress coat" that can be matched with both kimono and clothes
I've been using it since last year, and its simple and elegant design makes it a great choice for a variety of occasions.

The winter of the year before last when I started wearing kimono.
"What kind of kimono outerwear do you wear~?" Cute? or elderly? There are many things, but no matter how you look at them, they just don't suit me. In the end, I survived that winter with a hand-me-down fur shawl from my mother.
And then, a fateful encounter with the “actress coat” designed by Akane Hashimoto of SLADKY, whom I met when I opened KAPUKI last year.
"Oh yeah! This is it! The collar is the best because it looks beautiful even if you remove the crest❤︎"
"And not only kimono, but also clothes can be worn! What a great deal ❤︎"
I feel like I'm really wearing it in heavy rotation.

Oh, it was the first time you showed your clothes on your blog.
I'm wearing a long length 100% cashmere. (The lining is hail pattern ❤︎)
High-quality cashmere has the best feel, and is warm and light to wear.
The simple design with no buttons or zippers is a lifetime item that you can use for a long time!

If you wear a belt, you can wear it like a wrap coat.

This is a charcoal gray short length.
It's nicer than black.

Normally, KAPUKI only sells 100% cashmere, but during the exhibition period, we are looking forward to welcoming you with coats of various materials and types, such as faux fur, wool shaggy, and floral patterns.

"SLADKY Actress Court Fair"
Date: December 11 (Friday) to 13 (Sunday), 2015
12:00pm-7:00pm Place: KAPUKI