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Organic cotton kimono

This time, we will introduce a kimono using organic cotton from Masuhisa Dyeing and Weaving Laboratory .

Masuhisa's organic cotton is genuine, pure organic cotton grown in a field that has never used pesticides or chemical fertilizers. As you can see in detail on the website of Masuhisa Dyeing and Weaving Research Institute , hand-spun yarn has a soft and natural texture that is not found in machine-spun yarn. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Last summer, when I was thinking, "I want to make an organic cotton yukata," I happened to find a fabric that would suit a yukata at Mr. Masuhisa's Nakameguro store in my neighborhood. However, it was not a cloth cloth, but a wide cloth used for clothes. Therefore, I consulted with Mr. Ueno, a Japanese dressmaker who always takes care of me at KAPUKI, and I was able to have him make a wide cloth.
(It takes a lot of time, so it's hard!)
First of all, I made it for my husband as a trial, but this really feels good! That's what I'm saying. I've certainly worn organic cotton T-shirts and underwear, but just imagining the comfort of being wrapped in organic cotton, I'm enraptured. The feeling of being soft and familiar with the skin every time you wash it is incomparable to other materials.
As a result, we decided to sell it as a product from this summer. Of course, I tried wearing it, but it was still "the best ~ ❤︎".

We also have the cooperation of fabrics for autumn and winter kimonos, and we have a variety of organic cotton in various weaves and colors. The light purple kimono I'm wearing has a very warm and gentle texture, and I think it will be very useful this winter!

I would like everyone to experience this comfort once.

All of these items are available at KAPUKI.
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Photography: Mitsuaki Koshizuka (MOREVISION/KAPUKI)
Dressing: Hitomi Ito (KAPUKI)