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Announcement of "Hemp Kimono Fair"

"Hemp Kimono Fair" will be held for 4 days from March 25th (Friday) to March 28th (Monday)!

This time, KAPUKI's first appearance brand, Kyoto Kimono Factory nono 's monotone hemp shrinkage, the familiar SLADKY 's gradation Omi shrinkage, Ojiya chijimi, hemp undergarments, and others will be lined up. Famous for Sekka-shibori Fujii Shibori (←This is what the actresses wear in their beer commercials every year!)'s cotton linen yukata has a KAPUKI-like mature pattern. Sekka-shibori is of course wonderful, but Fujii-shibori's yukata has many cool patterns! I would like to make one this year too.

Did you know that hemp kimono actually lasts a long time? Actually, I tried wearing a hemp kimono yesterday (late March) as an experiment. The color is a dark tone, so it doesn't look cold, and you can wear it without a haori during the day. If you combine the period of wearing the undergarment and the period of wearing it by itself, you can wear it for more than half a year! Somehow hemp has an image of summer, but no, no, you can wear it from early spring. (This is just my personal opinion) Kimono rules... It's going to be long if I start talking about it, so I'll say it again.

The cherry blossoms in Nakameguro are also in full bloom during the period, so please come and enjoy the cherry blossoms!

We are looking forward to your visit ❤︎