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"Recommendation of Monotone"

For three days from October 28th (Friday) to October 30th (Sunday), we will hold an event titled "Recommendation of Monotone" to show you a number of monotone kimono coordinations!

Hmm, that's a wonderfully monotone coordination.
picture? picture? KAPUKI-san, aren't you always monotone?
Yes yes yes.
KAPUKI's theme colors are white, black, and gray.
Until now, there may not have been a kimono shop that offered so many monotone outfits.

The soft and light kimono is also wonderful.
Kimono with gorgeous patterns is also wonderful.

But hey, it doesn't suit me.
I don't really want to wear it.
Do any of you who wear kimono feel this way?

Before I opened KAPUKI, I wasn't in the kimono industry, nor did I wear kimonos as a hobby. I look at the kimono with the feeling of Of course, it's a business, so I don't choose products just for myself, but I still have a strong desire to propose products that I am satisfied with. I don't want to sell something that I don't like. Then, before I knew it, monotone kimonos were gathering at KAPUKI.

The other day, Ms. Hisako Manda wore a KAPUKI kimono on a TV set in New York. The kimono, obi belt, and sandals are all black. This is KAPUKI! Many people inquired about Mr. Manda's kimono, which he strides around New York with this coordination. Even though it's a kimono, there's no undergarment, bare feet, zori, and a leather belt. Considering the kimono rules, the coordination may have been "???", but it seems that the viewers were also impressed by the coolness of the great actress Manda. Of course, it doesn't mean that you don't care about the rules and manners of kimono. However, I was reminded once again that kimono is the most wonderful outfit if it matches the TPO. This location was not provided as a costume, but Mr. Manda wore his own kimono, so I think it suits him even more.

During the Edo period, the sumptuary ban prohibited the wearing of extravagant kimonos, but it is said that at that time, people on the street used various ingenuity to enjoy wearing kimonos. Actually, I also wear monotone kimonos, but I prefer flashy and colorful linings and undergarments. As well as the traditional scarlet undergarments, we have prepared a lot of patterned undergarments for this event.

The last undergarment is ufufu right❤︎

During the exhibition period, we are looking forward to welcoming you with Edo Komon and Houmongi, which are not usually available in stores.