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Announcement of "Actress Court Fair"

The season for actress coats has come again this year!

KAPUKI will hold the "Actress Court Fair" for 5 days from 11/19 (Sat.) to 11/23 (Wed.).

Until last year, it was announced as the coat line of "SLADKY", but from this year, the outer brand "MIMA" has been launched by dividing the brand! You can also see color variations, fur shawls and cashmere gloves for a limited time during the fair.

As I wrote in last year's blog, kimono outerwear doesn't look very nice. Among them, the “actress coat” that is outstandingly cool is an excellent item that can be worn with both kimono and clothes!
Various types debuted in addition to short and long until last year!

First, a maxi-length long coat ↓

If you turn around, it looks like this ~.

There is also mist white in different colors.

Hmmm, I can't get enough of this actress feeling~❤︎

And there is also a very short length that is just right for wearing a little.

Please forgive me for making a scary face.

And then, this year we also have a knit material coat and cardigan!

I like the fluffy mohair and alpaca.

We also recommend wearing a coat and a thick belt this year!

In addition to the coat, please also see the cashmere stole with fur.

When it's not cold enough to wear a coat, it's a big success!

As you can see, this stole is designed to fit snugly around the collar when you wear an actress coat over it.

Last year's line-up consisted only of cashmere, but this year we also offer affordable wool. The price is affordable from ¥78,000❤︎

Also, on November 22nd (Tuesday) during the period, the most talked "Nakameguro Koukashita" will open at Tsutaya Bookstore. Please come and visit Nakameguro! ! !