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Announcement of holding "stylish color kimono"

From February 17th (Friday) to 19th (Sunday), we will hold a stylish color kimono.します。

Up until now, we have been accepting requests for plain dyeing to be dyed in the color of your choice, but this time we will select 5 stylish colors that are unique to KAPUKI and show them to everyone.します!

It's nice to be able to enjoy various atmospheres depending on the coordination of plain colored kimonos.ね!
First of all, please take a look at Fujimurasaki's coordination made by the shop owner Reiko.さい。

This is a party-friendly outfit with lots of hair and makeup.す。
Tsukikageya's snakeskin belt with rugged studded box clutch The feet aren't shown in the photo, but I'm wearing KAPUKI's classic thick-soled sandals.よね、あはは。

KAPUKI-style formal coordinationト。
Perfect for this season, it's a mother's style for the graduation ceremony.レクト。

I tried to match it with the familiar obi belt!
The red color of the peacock shines in the one-color kimono.〜。

And at the end, I tied a single white tokko sash that makes the wisteria stand out in a stylish corner.た。
The plain x plain subtraction coordination adds yellow, which is a complementary color of purple, to the obi belt to create a casual atmosphere (see the photo around the obi).参照)

This time, I changed the kimono to match each outfit.す。
If the way the half-collar is put out or the angle is different, the atmosphere will look different. I usually don't correct it, but when I want to make it look neat, just a little correction will change the impression. Nomo is the real pleasure of wearing a kimono.醐味です。

Now, I will introduce each color from here.す!

「purple now」

「water line」

「blue purple」

「silver rat」

yeah that's a nice outfitすね〜❤︎
I love monotone kimonos, but you can also wear a kimono in this color in a stylish and cool way.よ!

The above 5 colors are KAPUKI's selected color kimono, but of course we can dye other colors, so please contact us.せ。

All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you.す❤︎

photograph:Mitsuaki Koshizuka
dressing:Eriko Ohtake
styling:Koshizuka Reiko