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celebrating the third anniversary

KAPUKI celebrated its 3rd anniversary on March 28th.
This is all thanks to the customers who support KAPUKI, and the craftsmen and producers who are involved in the creation of all KAPUKI products.
Thank you very much to all the staff.
The craftsmen involved in kimonos in this country and their techniques are becoming scarce as the years go by.
We imagine that by updating kimono as fashion, the culture of kimono will shine attractively and be passed down to the next generation. It has been the vision of KAPUKI since the opening of the store that the skills of the craftsmen will be passed on. Of course, a person wearing a kimono is indispensable there. For that reason, I would like to continue to propose kimono styles that match the Japanese people of today, even better than fancy clothes.

Six years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. A meltdown that should never have happened was happening at that time. Now, the world's energy is being innovated in one direction due to the worst accident that happened in Japan.
Yes, it is a global movement to phase out nuclear power.
Toshiba after 311, Hitachi's nuclear power business is sluggish, and even France's Areva, the world's largest nuclear power company, is posting huge losses. In other words, it is recognized that the nuclear power business should not be carried out from every point of view, and the world is beginning to move away from nuclear power.
Germany aims to phase out all nuclear power plants by 2022 and Taiwan by 2025.
In other words, Fukushima and Japan move the world. I think so.
Where on earth are we, the Japanese who triggered it, heading?
I feel bewildered by the fact that the things in the world that I noticed at the time of 311 have been digested by being chased by daily life and putting them back to the way they were.
It may be necessary to gradually shift our base values.

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will be held. It seems that companies are planning to turbocharge the economy with the internal reserves they have accumulated in the run-up to the Olympics.
Compared to the bubble period when the economy was at its best, adults who assert that the economy is not as good now seem to be chasing after that time when it was at its best. may be able to get well. (I mean, is it really bad now? I don't think so.)
The Olympic boom will not last long. The economy that has risen there may also come down.
When I'm doing kimono, I often hear stories like"For the Olympics...". It is certainly a fascinating story, and it can be said that it is a great opportunity for the people of Japan to come together and promote Japan.
But what really worries me is Japan after 2021. How about using the Olympics as an opportunity to recognize the culture and values that we should be proud of, and start earnestly boosting Japan from 2021?
There are more than enough cultures and values in this country that should be attractive to the world. Don't you think it's hard to find such a country in the world?
Rather than promoting Japan to foreign countries, I think we should make this country more exciting and enjoy ourselves. (Cool Japan is cool because it's in Japan, and I don't think it's cool to go abroad to show it. I think the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry should use that money to develop young people in Japan.)
If you do that, people from overseas will naturally start to pay attention to you. As a real feeling, the phenomenon has already started in part.
KAPUKI is planning to release a paper medium (magazine? book?) this autumn that will share the wonders of Japan with men and women of all ages.
Please look forward to it as well. (Please cooperate and participate.)

Thank you for your continued support of KAPUKI.

KAPUKI Mitsuaki Koshizuka

This year's Meguro River cherry blossoms were still in full bloom as of yesterday. So, I applied pink light to it.