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Tailoring begins ① ~The way to the length yukata~

It's been a long time. I'm Reiko, the owner of the shop.す。

recentlyInstagramIt's been more than half a year since I last wrote a blog....。
「You can't write if you don't feel like writing a sentence〜」
「When I'm in the shop, I'm so busy and restless, and when I'm at home, I have a lot of things to do.さ〜」
Even staff Chiaki made excusesも
「Reiko, please write a blog soon.い!!!」
I'm sorryさい。

So, for the first time in a while, I would like to write about tsuitake tailoring.います。

Those of you who are familiar with kimonos may know this, but simply put, the length of the kimono is the same as the length of the body. There are various theories about the origin of the fact that there is no ohashori and it is only for women, but I will cut it short here because it is only ohashori.だきます、あしからず。

So what I want to say here isと、

「Even if you don't wear a kimono for women, it's totally OK.ことです。

However, it is essential to tailor it in a size that fits you properly (this is important)大事!!!)

When it comes to kimonos with length, I think that there are many people who have the image of wearing a kimono with a small size, such as an antique, so it can not be helped, but KAPUKI proposes a length that suits you. It is a length kimono that is made according to the size.とです。
It's true that if you wear a kimono with a smaller size, the tip of the collar will protrude far below the obi, and the underpants will not give you a very clean impression. There are a lot of negative images about length kimonos because they are gathered and difficult to put on. super easyより着るのが超簡単!!!

I've been hearing a lot of people saying that I don't need to be sorry for a long time.したが、
「But if I don't have it, it looks like I'm going to lose my clothes, so I somehow ignored it.たが、
At one point, I realized that undergarments, in a sense, are the same length, but they don't fall apart at all.願いしている「Tailoring shop Ueno」I consulted Mr. Ueno and had him figure out the detailed dimensions, so I decided to order a yukata with a drumstick collar.とに。

and wait a month。

Put the sleeves through the finished yukata, match the lower front and upper front, check the condition of the collar, tie the waist cord, and you are done.はい完成❤︎

「This simplicity is shockingすけど〜!!!」

I was really scared私。
And if you put on the obi belt, you can put it on in 1 minute.よ。
It's a drumstick collar, but since it's designed so that the core of the collar can be inserted, the deep crest that is carried over can also be beautifully decided.るし、
I had the tip of the collar protrude a little so that it can be pulled from the underline of the obi, so it's just right under the hem.。
After wearing it several times, it turned out that I could wear it with just one Suzuro belt (Datejime with Velcro) without using a waist cord. When I recommended the lengthめたところ、

「I'm a little skeptical that Reiko won't collapse because her body is flat.懐疑的。

As for things, I tried it out and the staff Chiaki also made a yukata for the length.てる!

「No, Chiaki is overjoyed that she wants to change all the best length yukatas to match the length.!」と大喜びの千晶。

After that, I made a few yukata this season and the length yukata cleared the problem.ア。

However, of course, it is also discovered that there are not only good things覚。
Items that have been tailored to the opposite length cannot be returned to the length with a dressing afterward.ん。
(You can make the inner fry longer)
Therefore, kimonos tailored to the length will continue to be limited to those that will be worn as the length.す。
Well, other than that, I haven't found anything so far, so I'm not too worried about it.はい。

And the yukata season is over, and it's the unlined seasonへ。

to be continued