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Tailoring begins ② ~Fair announcement~

Hello, this is Reiko, the owner of the shop.

Actually, there is a secret to writing a blog at a high pace of 2 days since the last time.
FREDDY LECK sein WASCHSALON TOKYO , a laundromat with a café, has opened near my house, and I found a nice space where I can quietly write my blog while doing laundry without being overwhelmed by housework or work. . So, from now on, I will be able to update my blog frequently! (← schedule)

Well, this time we will announce the fair! ! !

For three days from October 21st (Sat) to October 23rd (Mon) this weekend, under the same title as the blog,"We'll start tailoring the length", recommended fabrics for the length will be available at KAPUKI stores!

↑This is a new cotton glitter item from Kimono Factory nono . Yes, this is also perfect for the length!

Such wonderful fabrics are waiting for you to come ❤︎

If you would like to have the dress tailored to your length, we would appreciate it if you could come in clothes that are easy to measure.
Or it would be helpful if you could bring your own measurements and actual kimono.