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Tailoring begins ③ ~Further leap~

We have tasted the length of the yukata, but how about something other than the yukata?
After all, cotton material has friction, so it doesn't fall apart, but silk is slippery, so does it fall apart? I have a lot of doubts.
When I was thinking of trying to make a pair of unlined clothes, I found a wonderful piece of cloth at"Kimono Factory nono"when I stopped by on a business trip to Kyoto❤︎
A new item in the cotton glitter series, in which the foil thread woven into the fabric sparkles and gives off a warm feeling of cotton kimono.
I chose the arch pattern, and Chiaki chose the storm pattern.
At this time of year, unlike yukata, I wear undergarments inside, so will the clothes fall apart if I wear them for the same length? I was worried about it, but when I put it on, there was no problem at all! look at each other face to face

"Best length!!!"

I couldn't help but scream, here is the kimono ↓

When shooting for the web, we sometimes ask professionals to dress us, but this time we put them on ourselves because of the height. I usually wear it relatively loosely (?), so if I wear a kimono with a lining, I'm worried about it wrinkling and falling apart, but as you can see, if it's the right length, it's a neat and perfect fit, isn't it? I think this is really amazing!
You can easily and beautifully wear a kimono, which used to be difficult! Also, if you wear a kimono for work all day long, you will move around a lot, such as sitting, standing, and carrying your luggage, so many parts of the kimono will fall apart, but if it's the right length, it's really easy to fix!

After that, I used hemp and crepe material for shooting, but of course there were no particular problems with the length, even though each had its own characteristics.
When I was thinking about the styling for that shoot, I discovered how to wear the length of the dress like a dress. The collar is deep like a V-neck, and the upper front and lower front are layered shallowly and the waist is gathered to create a wonderful dress❤︎

(↑The obi belt combined here is thinner than usual)

If you do this with a kimono with a Japanese-style pattern, what is it? There is a possibility that it will be disappointing, so please be careful, Pekori.
That's right, there aren't many restrictions on the material used for tailoring the length, but I think the atmosphere may not match depending on the pattern. After all, modern and casual clothes are more suitable than elegant and formal clothes.

The other day, when I posted the length tailoring ① on Facebook, how do you deal with the protrusion of your stomach if you don't have a shower? There was a comment. Certainly, there is a sense of security that the stomach is covered softly by having a shower. In the case of a kimono, the girdle cannot be worn due to the waist cord. However, since you don't have to use a waist strap if it's tall (Suzuro belt only), you can wear a kimono even if you wear a girdle. (← For those who don't have a lot of stuff in their stomachs, I don't think they understand.) In the case of a kimono, you have to tighten your stomach with the exposed part of the hem, but there are days when you can be freed from this hardship. It might be close! ! !

So, I will check this soon and let you all know.

to be continued