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Tailoring Begins ④ ~Final Chapter~

Thank you very much for your favorable reception of"I will start tailoring the length"which was held the other day!
Customers who tried it on said,"I was surprised at how easy it was!"
As long as I'm happy to have a lot of voices of joy ❤︎
KAPUKI will continue to make tailoring for the length, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Regarding the question I wrote in my last blog,"Is it possible to wear a girdle if it's tall?"
Actually, I didn't have a girdle, so I went to buy one for the first time in my life and tried it on. Wait, that amount of meat gathers at the top of the girdle, but when you wear a kimono, it's hidden by the obi, so there's no problem. As soon as I got home, I put on a girdle and put on a length kimono and an obi belt. The girdle effect makes her look slim and slender, isn't she? Then, when I went to the toilet in question to see if I could put on and take off properly, there were some broken parts, but the kimono tailored to the length was repaired immediately, so there was no problem at all. That's right, the length doesn't fall apart, but the biggest point is that you can fix it even if it collapses! And if it's an obi belt, you can take it off and fix it in no time! Therefore, I will continue to work hard as the chairman of the Tailoring Promotion Committee. Thank you all for your support.


↑The length was made with soft pure silk, but there was no problem either❤︎