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Announcement of "KAPUKI Spring Kimono"

It's been a long time. I'm Reiko, the owner of the shop.す。
I feel like I said that line a long time ago, but it's just my imagination....。

Well, this time we have news about KAPUKI's spring kimono.ます。
The subtitle of this issue is "Why don't you make a kimono debut with KAPUKI?", and I would like to introduce KAPUKI's classic obi belts and cotton and linen materials that are easy for kimono beginners to wear. welcome)ございます〜)
Also, for those who find it difficult to put on a kimono and don't feel like wearing a kimono, we also offer kimonos tailored to the length.す!

↑I'm not an enka singer carrying cherry blossoms on my back

I feel like this coordination is very well done.ょ?
But this cat is Hamamatsu Kasuri made from cotton and linen, and the roll price is 24,000.です〜!
It's a rare price, but recently a customer pointed out that KAPUKI seems to be expensive, and I wonder if it's okay for me to go to a store where celebrities come all the time. It's a good kimono shop that offers products at a reasonable price.In addition, both Chiaki and I are quite outspoken personalities, and we don't push sales. I am proud to be a storeァーストなお店だと自負しております。

This is a Hamamatsu cotton kimono for 21,000 yen. In terms of clothes, it's like a thin denim kimono made of chambray-like material. Of course, you can wash it at home, so it is recommended for kimono beginners.はオススメです!

This is Niigata's Katagai cotton monotone stripe 24,000. The stylish gradation of the stripes also has the effect of making you look slimmer. The whole thing is monotone, but even if you add color with an obi, you can also match it with a white obi to make it look cool. If you get used to the obi belt, which is recommended for beginners, you can put it on in 3 minutes.付けができます!

The final item is a hemp cloth kimono from Kyoto's long-established obi craftsman Hondaya Genbei. Mayotae's arabesque pattern kimono debuted in a project to revive hemp cloth launched in 2014 by Mr. Genbei Yamaguchi X. It is a brand that uses harmless cannabis. Compared to normal hemp, it is a material that is very soft, quick-drying, heat-retaining, and durable. Since ancient times, it has been sacred to wear costumes made of hemp cloth during Shinto rituals. Actually, I made this kimono for myself, but even though it's hemp, it's warm even at this time of year, and above all, it's soft to the touch. It has a special texture that I have never felt before.い❤︎今年のヘビロテ着物に決定ですね!

And this time, the long-awaited appearance is the Hakata Kenjo Ippon Tokko obi belt.ト!!!
This popular obi at KAPUKI has finally become an obi belt.!!!
Hey you did itー。
The Hakata obi is an excellent item that can be used all year round, so I also love it. Of course, you can also match it with a summer yukata.いナシですね!

So how was the blog after a long time?か。
We will do our best to deliver it to everyone in the near future.。

Good afternoon everyoneう〜!