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Fourth anniversary

KAPUKI was able to celebrate its 4th anniversary today.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the customers who support KAPUKI and the craftsmen who support KAPUKI's manufacturing!

On the 9th of this month, KAPUKI published a new Japanese cultural magazine"Bu"-Edo Kabuku Gendai-.
The value of Kabuku, which is the theme of the book.
There is no right or wrong way to wear a cover.
That is also the basis of KAPUKI's craftsmanship.

If you look at the manufacturing of Japanese companies, from the concept of marketing, the emphasis is on how to sell the product. increase.
In other words, it is the current corporate culture that only the correct answer is allowed.

In a sense, marketing is also about clarifying customer needs. And manufacturing is carried out according to the results of marketing research. It may be certain in a sense, but is it really possible to create interesting things with this method, or should the creators be the ones who create the needs?
Having worked in the fashion and advertising industries for 30 years, I believe that manufacturing in Japan has become quite boring with pre-established harmony.

The economic magazine Fobes JAPAN has a special feature titled “Not Crazy Enough!” that teaches us that Japanese people are not crazy enough. In other words, Japanese people are too demanding for the correct answer, and they can no longer be crazy, which means they can no longer play. From the perspective of my Edo period ancestors, who were also geniuses of play, I would be disappointed.

That's why KAPUKI won't be 100% marketing based on manufacturing.
We would like to continue to make original products that satisfy all our customers by making the most of our imagination. I will pursue the thrill and excitement of being Japanese.

This feeling is also packed in various forms in"Bu"published by KAPUKI.
The magazine, which was created while playing hard, emits a completely different light from the convenience store magazine, which is influenced by marketing. Please read it.

KAPUKI/bu Mitsuaki Koshizuka