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Pair length denim kimono is now on sale! and update

It's been a long time, everyone.す。

Yes, it's been so long since I've already forgotten how to write a blog. I'm really sorry. increaseたいと思います〜。

By the way, KAPUKI is usually busy with yukata in the summer, so until August, I was busy with customer service at the store and had a busy day.した。
And in September, the furisode Yuren debuted, and the exhibition was held safely.の最中に〜!!!
On September 16th, Heisei diva Namie Amuro wore a KAPUKI yukata as her final costume for her retirement.文が殺到!!!
It's been a long time since I've been working so hard to respond to the number of inquiries that I don't understand. rice fieldりました。
Of course, I knew that Mr. Amuro would be able to wear a KAPUKI yukata for the fireworks event on the final day. We knew that you would like to purchase it, so we thought it was a great honor for us, but since it will not be worn live, we do not know how much the image will be exposed. It was a big mistake to think that it might comeでいたのが大間違い!!!
Immediately after the morning paper came out the next day, I wondered how I researched it, I received emails of inquiries one after another, and by the time the shop opened at 12:00, dozens of inquiries had been received.わせが!!!
That's when Amuro's fan staff, Chiaki, who was in the middle of the Amuro generation, began to respond with God.On the same day, an interview from a TV station came. KAPUKI's business has finally returned to normal after the requests for orders have settled down at the end of October.戻って参りました。

Normally, autumn/winter kimonos were available from October, but I apologize for the delay this year.ます。。
Above all, denim kimonos continued to be sold out, so we wanted to deliver them to our customers as soon as possible. It's timeしましました。

And here is the long-awaited denim kimono that KAPUKI is unveiling.!

Until now, we have been developing casual denim kimonos, but after improving the pattern, we decided to announce KAPUKI's pair-length denim kimono.た!
This time, we decided to adjust the length by cutting the hem for 2 sizes, S and M.た。
When Chiaki tried on the denim kimono that was delivered earlier, she was grinning at how light it was.りました。
I've been telling customers until now, but the selling point of denim kimono is that you don't get tired of wearing it. Even if it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine at home.らずの優れもの!
It is a gem that is definitely recommended for kimono beginners.!!!

Also, the obi belt that goes with the coordination is also a new Hakataori obi belt. Mr. Amuro also wore an obi belt. KAPUKI's creative director, Mitsuaki Koshizuka, invented this revolutionary product that overturns the common sense of dressing.覆す画期的な商品です!!!
This is seriously invincible with an obi belt for the lengthす!!!
Please try to wear it thinking that you were deceived www

There are many items other than the late autumn/winter items and denim kimonos in the store.す。

KAPUKI's basic philosophy is to enjoy kimonos as fashion, and we would like to help you enjoy kimonos.が大好きです❤︎
I dream that there will be many more wonderful girls with clothes and kimonos lined up in their own wardrobes.す。

Good afternoon everyoneう!