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☆ KAPUKI new store opening ☆

Hello everyone. This is Yumeho from KAPUKI.
I will write the second blog! It's heart-pounding.
Thank you for your continued support.

This time we are opening a new store, so I hope we can introduce the inside of the store!
But! Before that, nice to meet you, so I would like to introduce myself.
If you want to get straight to the point, scroll down!
thank you!

After graduating from high school, I entered a kimono vocational school in Nakano, where I mainly worked as a Japanese dressmaker.
After graduating, I studied abroad in Toronto, Canada, and after returning to Japan, I worked as a freelancer for less than a year.
All the products I deal with are my type, and I thought it would be great if I could work in such a cool place. Thank you! President Reiko! Lol However, even though I graduated from a kimono vocational school, I still have a lot to learn when I actually work at a kimono shop...I'm still studying!

Even so, the number of jobs I can do gradually increased, and I decided to hire you as an employee...!
Every day, I desperately do my best to be of help to KAPUKI.
Thank you all for your continued support.
That's all for my self-introduction!

Well, from now on, I will introduce the inside of the new KAPUKI store!
The entrance looks like this💁‍♀️

Unlike the old store, the first floor is covered with glass and you can see the inside of the store.It's summer now, so there are many yukata

A large wooden table and an object by the window that catches your eye as soon as you enter.

I also asked for fixtures from the old store
It was produced by atelier m4.
It is a Japanese cedar tree that is over 800 years old!
The table, the objects, and the shelves are all made from the same wood, and the store is filled with such amazing energy that I don't know how to express it.
Next, take the stairs to the second floor, where the point is the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

This is a "listen to the light" that lights up according to the sound.
It seems that the pitch that responds to the size of the light bulb is different...
It's very mysterious, you can't see much light during the day, but at night it sparkles and it's a very beautiful space!
There is also a small rise on the second floor!

This floorboard is Japanese black chestnut flooring and I asked Maeda Lumber Co., Ltd. in Osaka.
It has a tortoise shell pattern, and it feels really good to the touch...
The staff also likes it and wants to bring a sleeping bag and stay overnight! After business hours, you can stretch your legs, lie down, continue your work, or have a small party...
I want everyone to enjoy this feeling lol And my personal favorite Akamatsu object

I call it "Dragon Tree".
It has a very strange shape, and the part where the trunk grows looks like standing hair...
Somehow it looks like a dragon.
When you actually look at it, it's big and powerful.
And finally, the new store opened soon, Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana, Cho MAX special customer

Model Kozue Akimoto came to visit us!
(I'm allowed to remove the mask only when shooting)
I admire Kozue-san, who is friendly, kind, and lovely...she looks cool in both clothes and kimono!
Thank you so much for everything.
It's much bigger than the old store, and it's a very nice space, so please come and visit us!
All the staff are waiting for you.