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★Goldfish Yukata★

nice to meet you.
My name is Uem, and I will be a member of the KAPUKI staff from the spring of 2021.
I have no literary talent and have never written a blog before, but thank you for your support!
Let me introduce myself a little.
When I was in my twenties, I worked as a stylist mainly for men's magazines. Around that time, I met Reiko, whom I admired, and we have been dating for a quarter of a century.
Marriage, childbirth, 30's entering the family, and when parenting has finally settled down, come on! what do i do from here When I was thinking about it, Reiko-san asked me to work at KAPUKI, the coolest kimono shop in Japan!
In many ways, we are a veteran group (laughs), but we are beginners in kimono and customer service, so we are working hard every day with the support and encouragement of all the staff. Exactly the next stage! You have to enjoy it, you only live once.

In the first place, I love clothes, but when I entered my 40s and I didn't feel comfortable wearing anything, I happened to find a lot of kimonos and obis with binding threads on my mother's paulownia chest, who loved kimonos. What a shame! Become a woman who can wear a kimono! I went to the kimono class.
However, the image of a kimono has a lot of rules, and there are many detailed rules such as when it can be worn, the pattern, the length of the dress, and the length of one finger on the collar. When I went out wearing a kimono, I googled patterns and materials because I felt that there was a higher wall than learning how to wear a kimono. Thinking about it now, it was a really negative thought.
Of course, depending on the location or event, there are some things that must be followed, but it's not fun to wear it with a big head. As soon as someone who is usually very stylish becomes a kimono, is it normal to have no individuality? It's a pity that it looks like
I think it would be nice to have more freedom. And every day, I learn how to wear clothes that suit me the most.

Now, I would like to introduce two goldfish that I personally recommend from KAPUKI's selection!
This is Nishioka Pencil's red goldfish. This is the first yukata I made after joining KAPUKI.
This one has a tail fin as a motif, and the balance between the white background and the pattern is perfect, it's too cute! ! ! The colors are red, purple and black. The new work is red and gold! cool!
Nishioka Pencil's goldfish have a dark lining, and you can customize it by changing one side or just changing the sleeves and collar.

The other is a goldfish from Hondaya Genbei.
I thought it would be black on white, but the other day, a customer was wearing red and black, and it was very nice.
The expression of this goldfish and the fine lines on the tail fin are irresistible.
Even goldfish, which tend to be cute, can be so stylish if they are made by Mr. Genbei!
This is definitely next year! ! !

Summer is yet to come! It's hard to go out, but let's enjoy the summer wearing a yukata!
We are looking forward to seeing you all♪