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Kimono Snap

vol.2 Yumeho

The first yukata I made after joining KAPUKI!
"Torn Lattice"by Genbei Hondaya
When I first saw the pattern, I really liked it! Absolutely tailored! I was so excited. Out of all the yukatas I own, this is definitely the yukata I come to every year. I like women wearing muted patterns and men's patterns. Recently, wearing a yukata with sunglasses has become popular among me (laughs).

The obi belt is a stable"embossed elephant"
On the other hand, I feel like I rarely wear other obi belts...

Footwear is not well known among KAPUKI...? This is the"underground zori"that I think. I wear this all year round with bare feet in the summer and socks in the winter. It's very easy to walk, easy to wear, and it's the strongest without getting tired!

Accessories are also a lot of silver to match the yukata! I also like gold, so I mix it a little~

The mask chain also makes it look stylish, and I don't have to worry about it after taking it off (it's annoying).
Ladies and gentlemen, please check it out at the online shop, etc.

Thank you very much.