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Kimono Snap

vol.3 maiko

Torn lattice yukata by Genbei Hondaya.
I went on a business trip to Kyoto before the new store opened, and on the first day of the store's opening, I heard that Mr. Genbei would be coming to the store wearing a torn lattice, so I was able to get it tailored for that day! I chose red on black.

Genbe reprinted the pattern of the kimono worn by the man in the Edo period painting. It is said that he wore a torn lattice in order to oppose the shogunate (lattice), and that if he wore it in the city at that time, he would have been arrested by the police. It's a nice pattern with such a cool episode!

The belt is Wing's antique belt. The summer obi chosen by the store manager, Junyo, has a lantern pattern! I love the silver and gold that works. I also bought a thin silver obijime at KAPUKI.

The tying method is a super simple obi knot by Mr. Junyo.
You can see it from KAPUKI Instagram, so please take a look! Really easy to tie!

These 5-tiered sandals are made of distributed material and are smooth even when worn barefoot. The red front point is also an accent and cute. Recommended for those who want to wear zori even in the summer!