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Kimono Snap

vol.4 uemu

Torn Lattice Snake by Kondaya Genbei Lately, I've been seeing only cute things.
However, "I am different today and I will be different tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a new me." ️

Listening to Mr. Genbei's story about the torn lattice, I definitely want to wear this to coincide with the opening of the new store! And for me, I made a rare and handsome "torn lattice snake".

The obi belt is my favorite lizard white. It is indispensable for adult coordination.
The KAPUKI mask is also white and refreshing.

The feet are slad keys. Studded zori are easy to walk in and go well with clothes, so I really recommend them.

It's been a long time since I wore a very short yukata, so I can't help but enjoy matching it with a yukata!