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Kimono Snap

vol.6 Shopkeeper Reiko

To commemorate the reopening of KAPUKI, we had Mr. Genbei Kondaya make a custom-made purple ``broken lattice'' for KAPUKI!

It is no exaggeration to say that the ``broken lattice'' is Genbei's signature line. This pattern is a modern revival of the pattern worn by kabukimono depicted in ukiyo-e prints from the Edo period. The lattice symbolizes order, and breaking it down represents the rebellious spirit of the shogunate at the time. Hmm, what a risk for life! When I think that there were men who dared to wear this pattern, which could have been cut off on the spot if done poorly, I really respect Genbei, who has passed on that spirit to the present day across 300 years of time and space!

The obi belt is coordinated with elephant silver leather to match the faded foil of the lattice. Paired with a summery bamboo bag! This is cute even when paired with clothes ❤︎

This yukata can also be worn like a kimono by wearing an undergarment inside, so the tailoring is tailored and the collar is tailored with a wide collar. If I have a chance, I'll also show you a kimono-style outfit!

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