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vol.6 Shopkeeper Reiko

To commemorate the reopening of KAPUKI, we asked Mr. Genbei Hondaya to make a custom-made purple "torn lattice" for KAPUKI!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Genbei's signature line is "torn lattice". It is a pattern that revived the pattern worn by the eccentric (kabukimono) depicted in ukiyo-e in the Edo period. The lattice means order, and breaking it down represents the rebellious spirit of the shogunate at the time. Hmmm, how desperate! I think that there were men who dared to wear this pattern, which could be cut off on the spot if it was not done well, and I have serious respect for Genbei, who has passed the time and space of 300 years and conveyed his spirit to the present age!

The obi belt is coordinated with leather elephant silver to match the faint foil of the lattice. I paired it with a bamboo material bag for summer! This is cute even when paired with clothes ❤︎

This yukata can be worn in a kimono style with an undergarment inside, so the tailoring is loose and the collar is wide. Also, if you have the chance, I will show you the coordination in kimono style!

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