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vol.7 Yumeho

The first yukata we made this year!

This is Shisen's yukata. When Reiko-san said, "Isn't this really cute!?"

Until recently, I thought I didn't like colors, but in the last few years, I've come to realize that I like blue. is also challenging.

Also, although it has a scale-like pattern, this is a batik-dyed product of Itajime Shibori. I have purchased all of the stock from Jikusen, but there are really only a few left,,, I personally highly recommend it.

The obi belt is a stable "embossed elephant" this time as well. Lol I always use this because it really has a sense of hold.

The feet are Mr. Sladky! It's thorny and has a high fighting ability, but the sole part is made of the same material as sneakers, so it's okay even in the rain, it's easy to walk in, and you can match it with your everyday clothes!

The hot days continue, but KAPUKI is currently open from 16:00 in the evening, so please come and visit us~

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