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New Monotone “Komeori Komon”

New "KAPUKI Bespoke" monotone series of "Komeori Komon" recommended for the season of unlined clothes from early spring
Fluffy, light and soft to wear, 100% cotton and easy to care for.
You can eat it all year round, and the staff is highly praised!

Including popular [samekomon] and [Bishamon tortoise shell],
New colors of [Zebra] and [Houndstooth],
New patterns [Leopard] and [Mosaic] are also available.

You can enjoy a wide range of styling with a leather obi belt for a fashionable look, or an antique obi for a classic look.
Please also refer to the staff coordinates♪

[Bishamon tortoise shell]
Combine the classic bishamon tortoise shell with a red peacock obi belt for a stylish and mature look.
The feet are filled with silver thongs, adding a little familiar lightness.

Rice Weave Komon Bishamon Tortoise Shell Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Obi Belt Red Peacock 60,500 yen (tax included) / Pokkuri Silver 35,200 yen (tax included)

The unisex pattern is complemented by a delicate Hakata-ori half-width belt and a cherry-colored obi belt for added femininity.
The rare antique crystal belt clip has a transparent beauty that shines in your eyes.

Yoneori Komon Bishamon Tortoise Shell Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Hakata Half Width Obi Mondouble Nishimura Textile (Inquiry) / Wing Antique Crystal Obi Fastener (Inquiry) / Three-quarter String Cherry Blossom Ito Kumihimo (Inquiry)

Owner Reiko

Obi: Ippondokuko white and white / Obidome: Antique (contact us)

If the leopard print is also monotone, you can match it with accessories for a glossy impression.
I want to finish it elegantly with a double sash made of cracked chrysanthemums.

Rice Weave Komon Leopard Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / KAPUKI original fukuro obi cracked chrysanthemum 132,000 yen (tax included) / Wing Antique Kanzashi (contact)

The casual leopard print can also be paired with a silver obi belt for an elegant impression.
Monotone glitter coordination with black lame socks on the feet.
The store manager, Yumeho, is using it with a different tailoring to add more impact.

Rice Weave Komon Leopard Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Obi Belt Leather Elephant Silver 93,500 yen (tax included) / Tabi Socks Black 3,190 yen (tax included)

Manager Yumeho

Obi: Lacquer Ichimatsu (inquiry) / Obidome: Antique (inquiry) 

New mosaic pattern. The unique pattern is neatly put together with a white lizard belt.
Shorten the length and pair it with thick-soled boots for a street style.

Rice Weave Komon Mosaic Monotone 40,700 yen (tax included) / Obi Belt White Lizard 93,500 yen (tax included) / (Reference product: Dr. Martens)

The unique mosaic pattern features a pure white half width belt.
Update your coordination with the seasonal green obi.
Remove your feet with studded sandals.

Rice Weave Komon Mosaic Monotone 40,700 yen (tax included) / Half Width Obi Flower Knot White 42,900 yen (tax included) / Three-quarter String Reversible Blue/Green (Contact Us) / SLADKY Studded Zori Black 33,000 yen (tax included)

A zebra with an animal pattern that is easy to match.
You can easily enjoy a stylish style with this antique belt as the main role.
It's also nice to add an antique hairpin and talk about it from behind.

Rice Weave Komon Zebra Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Wing Antique Nagoya Obi Velvet Hawk (Inquiry) / Wing Antique Tortoiseshell Kanzashi (Inquiry)

The edgy zebra pattern is combined with a white Bishamon tortoise shell obi belt for a sophisticated look.
Add a touch of glam with an enameled silver bag.

Rice Weave Komon Zebra Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Obi Belt White Bishamon Turtle Shell 60,500 yen (tax included) / (Reference product: burself mirror chain shoulder bag)

staff when

Obi Belt Leather Croc / Pedicure Tabi Socks Gray / Pokkuri

This is the classic KAPUKI monotone outfit.
Dress up with a black leather obi belt and glossy bag to go out.

Rice weave Komon houndstooth black and white 40,700 yen (tax included) / obi belt leather black 79,200 yen (tax included) / burself mirror tote bag small (contact)

A very catchy piece with a large houndstooth lattice.
Combined with KAPUKI's original Chidori Nishioka obi
It is also recommended to enjoy a higher-grade styling with "pattern on pattern".

Rice Weave Komon Houndstooth Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / KAPUKI Original Fukuro Obi Nishioka Chidori (Inquiry) / Lace Obijime Purple White Fusa (Inquiry)

Staff Ai

Kyobukuro Obi Snake and Skull (Inquiry) / Obijime Yamato Gumi Extra Thick Black Silver / Obiage Red Crepe (Inquiry)

[Same Komon]
This Samekomon is a favorite of the store owner, Reiko.
The long-awaited black and white is now available as a special order from KAPUKI!
Match it with a one-of-a-kind obi belt for an elegant kimono-like look.
The feet are embossed elephant sandals for a glossy look.

Rice weave Komon Samekomon black and white 40,700 yen (tax included) / Obi belt single Tokko 58,300 yen (tax included) / Zori black elephant 70,400 yen (tax included)

The vivid colors unique to antique camellia Nagoya obi and the simple samekomon are well balanced♪
Enjoy styling that plays with colors.

Rice weave Komon Shark Komon Black and White 40,700 yen (tax included) / Wing Antique Nagoya Obi Camellia (Inquiry) / Obiage Cloisonne Light Blue (Inquiry)

Staff Uem

Half-width band : NO NUKES / Three-quarter string (contact us)

"Komeori Komon" can be used on both sides, so you can enjoy arranging your own tailoring.

At the KAPUKI store, we also accept consultations on fitting and tailoring.
Please feel free to contact us for coordinated products!
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