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vol.12 uemu


This is Uemura from KAPUKI .

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of year do you want to have in 2023 ?


I want this to be a year of learning.

If you live 100 years, turn around.

In addition to kimono, I am looking for more things to absorb.

I hope to learn a lot and be of some help to our customers.

Thank you very much for your support♪

Now, the coordination I chose for my New Year's greetings is:

Rock on the moment you see it for the first time! ! ! have done,

Genbei Kondaya's [ blackberry ] I chose the obi.

Even if a strawberry is a strawberry, it is a black strawberry...

This is already irresistible as an adult woman ❤︎

I wanted to coordinate with black

The kimono is a crested gourd.

As a lace kimono, it is made with a black lining and worn as a sash.

Not only for parties, but also when you want to dress up and go out.

I think this kimono will become a staple item in your closet, just like choosing a black dress .

Also goes well with obi belt! !

I am 156cm tall .

There are various things in terms of age, lol

There are many things that I worry about, but I try not to get too unstylish.

I want to wear kimono well!

How do you like the black coordination? ?

I would be happy if you could refer to it♪

Coordinating products