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vol.12 uemu


This is Uemura from KAPUKI .

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of year do you want to make in 2023 ?


I want it to be a learning year.

If you live 100 years, turn around.

Looking for things that can be absorbed, not only about kimono,

I hope that I can learn a lot and be of help to you.

Thank you very much ♪

Well, the coordination I chose for my New Year's greetings is,

Lock on the first time you see it! ! ! have done,

Hondaya Genbei's [ blackberry ] I chose the obi.

A strawberry is a strawberry, but it's a black strawberry...

This is already irresistible as an adult girl ❤︎

I wanted it to be a black outfit

The kimono is a gourd with crest.

As a lace kimono, it is tailored with a black lining and worn as a lining.

Party, of course, when you want to dress up and go out,

Just like choosing a black dress, I think it's a kimono that will be one of your closets.

Compatibility with the obi belt is also ◎! !

I am 156 cm tall.

There are various things about age, lol

There are many things that bother me, but to avoid being unsophisticated,

I want to wear a kimono!

How do you like the black outfit? ?

I would be happy if you could refer to it ♪

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