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Nice to meet you all!
This is Itsuho from KAPUKI staff.

I'm nervous as it's my first time updating my blog, but I'd be happy if you read it till the end! ❤

Before introducing my new year coordination, I would like to introduce myself! ^^/

My name is Itsuho.
Born on August 17, 1999, currently 23 years old, from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
I studied fashion marketing at Osaka Bunka Fashion College and was interested in kimonos, so after graduating, I got a job at a normal kimono shop!

At my job there, I learned a lot of other things, such as when to wear a kimono, what to use it for, and how to match a kimono.

I wonder why there are so many rules to wear a kimono even though you have freedom when it comes to clothes! ! !
I couldn't accept that, and I started to feel that the world didn't suit me, having studied clothes at a vocational school, and I was about to give up on the kimono industry.

Miraculously! I was lucky enough to have a chance to work at KAPUKI, which I had always admired! ! !

KAPUKI's kimono and coordination suggestions are really free and fashionable, and this is exactly what I wanted to do! I still remember what happened (lol)
I believe that it is because of my encounter with KAPUKI that I am still able to work in the kimono industry.

Currently, I am mainly in charge of the furisode brand [furisode KAPUKI] proposed by KAPUKI!
Sorry for taking so long just to introduce myself! (lol)
I'm like this, but thank you for your support! ! ! ♪

  • Alright,

I would like to introduce you to the kimono I chose for my New Year's greetings.
I've always wanted to wear a long-sleeved kimono [black crested lightning bolt].
It was Satoshi (@basara4d) who drew the impressive lightning using gold color and gold paint.

The impactful long-sleeved kimono is paired with an even more impactful obi [snake and skull]! !
The design is by Nishioka Pencil (@nishiokapencil) and the production is by Genbei Kondaya (@kondayagenbei).

Coordination with an overwhelming presence that stands out from others. It's so cool that I can't even put it into words...
I want to go to the coming-of-age ceremony again (lol)

That's exactly what my mother often says while serving customers in furisode.
People say, ``I wish such cute long-sleeved kimonos existed in my era.''
In response, I say, "Please wear it even now!"
Generally, it is the first formal attire for unmarried women, but I think you can wear a cute long-sleeved kimono at any age without being bound by such rules!

So, please come and experience KAPUKI's long-sleeved kimono! ♪
We are looking forward to meeting as many customers as possible!

KAPUKI Staff Kazuho Hagio

Coordinating products