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vol.13 Maiko


This is Maiko from the staff.

This time, I would like to introduce my New Year's kimono coordination♪

“Somei Sakura” by Genbei Hondaya, which I have always admired.

I wanted to tighten this obi, so I decided on the obi as the main.

The silver leaf belt is coated with lacquer to give it an antique look.

Different colors of lacquer are used for the tare, creating a beautiful gradation from the drum to the tare.

Delicately embroidered cherry blossoms bloom there,

Breathtaking beauty.

It is a book that makes you feel happy just by looking at it.

In the coming season, the cherry blossom belt is also wonderful for cherry blossom viewing.

The combination is the plain color of snowflakes.

It's an elegant and simple color, but the background pattern is gorgeous!

I'm wearing this for New Year's, but it's also recommended for tea parties, etc.

This time, I'm wearing it as an "adult furisode",

It can also be made with normal sleeve length.

KAPUKI's plain color can be dyed in your favorite color, so you can make your favorite!

If you are looking for plain color, please feel free to ask our staff.

By the way, obiage and obijime are

Our shopkeeper "Reiko" chose it.

Bright blue obiage and purple obi tightening,

It gorgeously tightened the combination that had become one tone!

I was really impressed with the color matching. .

thank you very much!

The footwear is "Black Elephant".

These are KAPUKI bespoke silk sandals that use the same leather as KAPUKI's obi belt "Leather Elephant Silver" for the base.

I love this pair of shoes because they have a classy and classic shape, but they have a bit of an edge.

Ease of walking is also outstanding.

It can also be made with the leather of other obi belts, so we recommend making them together.

Thank you for reading until the end!

Please feel free to visit us and contact us anytime!



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