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vol.15 "Lace kimono for the first time in a while"

The other day, I was invited to a live performance by Maki Inoue, a jazz singer and a customer of KAPUKI.
All KAPUKI staff went to "JZ Brat" at Cerulean Hotel!
Lately, I've been wearing casual denim kimonos a lot,
Since it was a jazz concert, I chose a lace kimono to match the adult night atmosphere.

As the festival is approaching, the cerulean lobby was decorated with beautiful peach blossoms!
At KAPUKI, we offer our customers a ``lace kimono,'' which is a kimono made from a monsa kimono lined with a sash.

Usually, gauze kimonos are worn before summer, but
At KAPUKI, we have added a palace lining so that it can be worn during the normal lining period.
As long as it's a black monsa, I don't have a problem even if it's worn during the lining season. Or rather, when should I wear it? Right now! We think.

I believe that the rules of kimono, of course, are in accordance with TPO.
If you enjoy it as a casual wear, there is no problem! I think so, yes.

Even though it's a kimono, it has a dress-like feel, so it's great for parties, etc.! ! !

On this day, I paired it with a black-based half-collar.
Basically, I'm a fan of white socks with a half-white collar, but I sometimes add a half-black collar to suit my mood.
When you want to coordinate your outfit with a Western style, a black half-collar or a patterned half-collar will be a great help!

At the end of last year, the hairdresser Megumi Kanzaki wore a lace kimono made by KAPUKI at Cartier's YEAR END PARTY, and the kimono looked exactly like a dress.
That was a really nice coordination✨

The one I'm wearing is a gourd pattern monsa from Asami, Kyoto.
In addition to this, you can see a variety of other black crests at the store!

of course,
It is also wonderful to wear Monsa as a single garment in the summer.
Considering the recent weather conditions, isn't it quite difficult? I think so.
If that's the case, I think it's appropriate in this day and age to wear it when you feel comfortable wearing it.

And extra edition↓

Three cute girls before going out ❤︎
I don't have much time, so I tie each belt like it's a centipede race ❤︎
I guess you could see scenes like this in many places in the past~❤︎
When I thought about this, I felt relieved ❤︎

Before you know it, it's March!
The cherry blossom buds along the Meguro River are starting to swell!
The owner, Reiko, is also looking forward to seeing you at the store.

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