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vol.16 AOMI pop-up store "FIND ME"

Hello everyone.
This is Maiko from the staff.

From February 24th to March 28th, the KAPUKI store is holding a pop-up store featuring stylist AOMI's Vintage collection!

Many beautiful collections are scattered throughout the store. .
Every time I see the staff, I am enjoying the days when shopping seems to start.

This time, from AOMI's collection, we have selected products that match the world of KAPUKI, mainly chinoiserie-style products purchased in the United States and Europe.

Like the title of "FIND ME", every time I see it, I find something wonderful, like "Find me!"

As well as accessories, AOMI is said to be a "box maniac", so there are many cute boxes and cases.
All of them are cute and have elaborate designs.
Which one should I choose?

Obidome and hairpins are irresistible for kimono lovers.
Only materials that are not available now and elaborate designs.
Just looking at it makes me feel happy.
    Furthermore, even a small bag that is easy to use when wearing a kimono!

    If you were looking for an obidome, hairpin, or bag for your kimono day, you might find something you like.

    The cherry blossoms along the Meguro River are coming to bloom soon.
    It will be held until 3/28, so please come and visit the shop while enjoying the cherry blossoms♪