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vol.18 "Dressing with a single waist cord"

how do you do.
GW is over, how are you all doing?
It's the beginning of summer, and it's time to feel comfortable wearing a single kimono.

Now, I'm Reiko, who's been digging into "how to wear a comfortable kimono" lately.
I always suffer from stiff shoulders and go to training and massages to keep my body in shape.
After all, the most important thing is to wear a kimono that you wear every day without straining your body and comfortably!
With that said, I would like to write a story about "comfortable dressing" that I recently came across.

The first thing that caught my attention was the core of the collar.
Until now, I have always used plastic collar cores, but no matter how thin the collar cores are,
If the plastic is on your shoulders all the time, your shoulders will definitely get stiff.
If you use it during the yukata season, you don't have to worry about it so much.
If you use it inside a nagusa undergarment, it will put a lot of pressure on your shoulders all day long.
So, when I put it on without a collar core, it was comfortable to wear, but the carryover part was wavy, and it didn't look good (crying).
Next, I bought a comforter for clothes at a nearby handicraft store and sewed it on my undergarment, but it was too thin and didn't make much sense (crying).
Mikawa core is a little thicker, so it should be fine! I tried to attach it, but still the carryover part is not improved (crying)
After further research, I found out that Japanese paper can be used instead of a collar core, so I tried it, but the paper came out (crying).
What should I do? ? ? After worrying about
That's it! Is it okay if only the carried over part looks beautiful!? So, I cut the plastic collar core to the length of the collar shoulder opening and put it in.
Then, the part where you can see the carryover becomes beautiful, and the entire collar is soft and familiar to the body, and the shoulders are not stiff and comfortable to wear. ! !
I see, there is this! And from that day on, I decided to put a collar core only in the shoulder opening of the collar.
When the staff also told her how to remove the core of the collar, Maiko, who was worried about the floating around the collar, became more comfortable with the collar and became the most beautiful dress ever.
And after spending a few days, I thought, "Yeah, yeah, it's much easier than before!"
After all, when I took off my kimono, I couldn't get rid of the feeling of "Oh, I feel refreshed!"
How is this?
After all, it's cramped when you're wearing a kimono?
I don't usually feel that way when I take off my clothes, but I felt a sense of defeat that kimonos can't compete with clothes.

And then a few days later.
When I was dressing in the morning, I didn't have the Datejime that I used at the end, and it was troublesome to go to another room to get it.
When I wrapped the obi belt as it was without tightening it, what is it? With just the obi belt, it will stop quite well!
Well, to be more specific, the nagajuban has a single suzuro belt , and the kimono has a single waist cord, that's all.
I spent the whole day wearing it, but surprisingly it didn't fall apart!
yeah yeah~! ! ! Kimonos don't fall apart that much!
With this as a hint, how far can you wear it without using strings? I tried to pursue a simple question!

Bye bye!

Dressing with one waist strap has been established!

Here is the outfit ↓

Nagusa undergarments are usually worn with lined kimonos.
The obi is tied with Hakata's eight-inch obi .

There are some points in the dressing procedure.
We prepare one waist string and one date tightening. Only this.
First of all, when wearing Nagusa undergarment, it is fastened with Datejime Ippon.
After that, when you put on the kimono, tie the waist cord as usual, then pull out the date-jime that is fastened to the nagusa undergarment from the mouth of the body, and tighten the kimono with the date-jime.
After tying the obi, the kimono's Datejime is removed.
Yes. ! !

The previous photo was taken after closing.
I've been working all day, so there are some wrinkles,
Anyway, there is no feeling of tightness, nothing but really comfortable!
Even when you get home and take off your kimono, you don't feel like you're feeling refreshed!
I had to tell the staff about this, so when I told them at the store the next day,
The staff rummaged through the kimono and pulled out the Date-jime and Suzuro belts.
Everyone really says it, this.
Of course, KAPUKI has the most comfortable item of length + obi belt, but if you think about wearing a kimono with a kimono and an obi, this may be the ultimate dressing!
However, it is true that it is a kimono tailored to my size on this premise.
For example, if the kimono doesn't fit your size, it's okay to have more strings than you need.
Therefore, if you want to experience this easy dressing, we recommend you to make it in my size ❤︎

Today I told you only in writing, but next time I will plan so that you can see it in the video.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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