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Please beware of suspicious emails claiming to be from KAPUKI

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of KAPUKI.

Currently, there has been a sharp increase in suspicious emails posing as KAPUKI and urging users to log in to a link by a deadline, and we have received many reports from people who have received these emails.

(Case Study)
Subject: Announcement from Internet Group

Body of the message: " will be making some changes to the service specifications of " email" from April 16, 2024. All customers must log in from the link below and update to the new settings."
The text includes the following phrases:

We will contact you by email from the addresses "" or "", so please check the sender address carefully.
However, if you receive an email with suspicious content or if you are unfamiliar with the content, we ask that you do not click on any URLs in the body of the email and delete the email, as you may be directed to a phishing site.