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[New product sales start] SLADKY × Wing

Date and time: April 6th (Sat) - April 9th ​​(Tuesday), 2024
Business hours: Weekdays 12:00~18:00, Saturdays and Sundays 11:00~18:00
Location: Nakameguro KAPUKI | KAPUKI Online Shop

    New colors are now available from @sladky_kimono , the cotton linen kimono “SLADKY Omi Shizure Gradation” which is very popular every year!
    In addition to standard colors, we will also have colors that are not normally available at KAPUKI during this period.

    In addition, we have an antique obi that goes perfectly with the Omi Chijie gradation.
    “Wing” Shopkeeper Reiko has selected KAPUKI-like products from @wing_kimono and now in stock!

    This time, you can enjoy it until just before summer starts.
    We offer coordination of SLADKY × Wing.

    *The obi is a one-of-a-kind item, and customers who visit the store will be given priority.