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[DISCOVER TOKYO x KAPUKI] @ Shinjuku Isetan Main Building 4F

"DISCOVER TOKYO x KAPUKI" will be held from February 11th (Wednesday) to 16th (Monday) at the Shinjuku Isetan Main Building 4F = Authentic Gallery.

This time, KAPUKI will open a pop-up shop on the 4th floor of the women's clothing/luxury main building instead of the kimono floor.

So clothes? kimono? Which one? ? ?

Here's a picture for a hint.

I knew it when I showed you this far ~.

That's right, this time KAPUKI will announce a dress! ! !

As some of you may have noticed by looking at the photos, the main theme of this time is to propose KAPUKI's popular leather " obi belt " that goes well with not only kimono but also other clothes. am. This "KIMONO dress" uses kimono cloth as material, and the sleeves and collar are designed to give a "Japanese" taste. (The photo is in the state of basting)
In addition to this, we will also announce another type, the "long dress" of the opposite length.

Each piece is made according to the customer's size, so it will take about one and a half to two months, but waiting for the finish is a wonderful time!

This time, I hesitated to make a kimono other than the current style (design) using kimono rolls. After all, the form (design) of the kimono is overwhelmingly beautiful! ! ! Everyone knows that. However, KAPUKI wants to try new things! I always think.
Two years ago, when I went to see FENDI's traveling exhibition "FENDI-UN ART AUTRE ~Fendi's another art, the trajectory of creation and innovation~" held at the University of the Arts Museum, in the interview video (someone remembers No, but I was very impressed by the words "Tradition is a continuation of innovation". There are many schemes like "tradition = protection", but I think this is a little different. Even long-established Japanese confectionery shops change their flavors little by little every year, and kabuki was originally started by a woman named Okuni, so it's completely different from today's kabuki. Isn't it important not to preserve tradition without changing it, but to pass on to the next generation the best and coolest state that matches each era? I don't know. Please take a look at the unique proposals of KAPUKI, which pursues the spirit of "kabuku" in Japanese high fashion kimono!

During the exhibition period, TOKYO brands with a "Japanese" taste selected by KAPUKI will be gathered.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Note) Reiko, the owner, will serve customers during the exhibition period. Nakameguro store is open as usual.