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Announcement of "MIMA POP UP @KAPUKI"

"MIMA POP UP"will be held from November 3rd (Friday) to 5th (Sunday)!

The season for actress coats has arrived again this year!
Actress coats that have been developed as a new brand called"MIMA"since last year. In this POP UP, for a limited time only, you can see all types from super short"ANNA"to super long"DENEUVE"at the store. In addition to the coat, gloves, stoles with fur, and hats will also be available❤︎

↑In the black-and-white photo, we wore a new coat made of double-faced material. It's very light and warm, and there's no lining, so the beautiful drape unique to actress coats stands out!

↑ I also recommend such a gentle color taste other than black! Perfect compatibility with denim kimono ◎
Oh, I cut my hair short.

↑ And here are the usual clothes patterns. I am happy that the actress coat can be worn with both kimono and Western clothes.

I'm also wondering which one to choose...

Please take this opportunity to see it!
We are looking forward to seeing you all ❤︎

Note) Please note that the shop owner Reiko will be absent on 11/5 (Sun) due to my son's school festival.