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〜Wear Japanese style〜

KAPUKI, a kimono shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo, who continues to update kimono as fashion, has evolved the popular denim kimono and announced the “haori” collection that anyone can wear over their usual styling. “Haori” can be freely customized from the base shape, from a long length that is worn like a coat to a short length that is worn like a jacket or hanten. The sleeve shape, color, discoloration, damage, patchwork, laser baked patterns, tie-dyeing, stencil-dyed family crests and large crests (graphics), etc. are all hand-crafted by craftsmen. You can tailor your original “haori” with “MADE TO ORDER”. (Because it is made to order, it usually takes 2 to 3 months.)
The 7 standard basic models can be purchased at the KAPUKI Nakameguro Main Store and online shop.
MADE TO ORDER acceptance start date
October 14, 2022 (Friday) 12:00-
KAPUKI Nakameguro Main Store @kimono_kapuki
* Basic models without customization will be sold in each size at stores and online shops from October 14th.