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Enjoy summer nights in yukata "Yukata party"

There is no place to go wearing a yukata this summer! To all of you who are lamenting.

From July 30th (Friday) to August 22nd (Sunday), we will hold a special night business "Yukata Night Party" at the new KAPUKI store.

During the period, the business hours will be changed to night business from 16:00 to 22:00, and customers who come to the store wearing a yukata and those who purchase a yukata will receive a special drink.
We are also planning various events, so please look forward to it!

Also, one of the highlights is the iconic work "Listen to the light" by Mr. MASARU KAWAGUCHI, an illumination artist installed in the atrium space of the new store!
Hundreds of light bulbs respond to the different sound frequencies of the music playing in the store, and the way they repeatedly flicker is a new art experience that makes you feel as if the light bulbs have their own intentions.

By all means, everyone, please wear a yukata and visit the Meguro River during the time from dusk when the heat is relieved. Please feel free to contact us for those who have difficulty coming to the store only during the daytime.
We look forward to welcome you.

KAPUKI 2021 Summer <Yukata Party>

July 30th (Friday) - August 22nd (Sunday), 2021 *Closed on Wednesdays

KAPUKI 〒153-0042 1-25-1 Aobadai, Meguro-ku K2 Building 1F


* Special night business only during the period
*Anyone can come to the store, but when it is crowded, we will give priority to customers with reservations.