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[New Year in Kimono]
⁠〜Cotton Kimono and New Obi Belt Showcase〜

  • [Welcome the New Year in kimono]⁠
    〜Cotton kimono and new obi belt Showcase〜⁠
  • Period November 12th to November 21st, 2021
  • Place KAPUKI Nakameguro

Why don't you start wearing new clothes for the new year and welcome the new year with a new kimono? ⁠

We have selected KAPUKI-like monotones from "Ise cotton", which is durable and has a nice texture, and "Komeori Komon", which has a soft texture. ⁠We offer stylish coordination that elevates a casual cotton kimono to the next level. ⁠
Cotton kimonos that are easy to care for can be worn casually for a wide range of occasions, from casual wear to events. ⁠

KAPUKI's original obi belt comes in three types: new embossed leather gold, simple black using eco-fur, and leopard print. ⁠
Enjoy an easy and comfortable kimono life.
⁠(*The eco-fur obi belt is a limited quantity item)⁠

*If you purchase a cotton kimono and obi belt as a set during the period, the obi belt will be 10% off. ⁠

cotton kimono

New obi belt